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Happy 4th!

Summer is here!

No bathing suit needed for Ryan.  He saw a pool and there was no stopping him, he was getting in!  Ryan got his first hair cut in June, so he looks like a toddler now and is walking like one.

A big thanks to George at Altered Image Barbershop.  He has a great demeanor to work with kids, takes his time and makes them feel comfortable.
July Charity
We donated $195 to Lakeshore MOPS for the month of June.  MOPS provides encouraging relationships, practical help, and emotional support during what can be an isolating and challenging time of motherhood.

ROCovery Fitness is our charity for July.  ROCovery Fitness promotes sober living through fitness.  We will be donating $5 for every person that calls and completes a quote with our Agency.  We’ve donated $915 to 5 other charities so far this year.  Help keep our donations climbing and tell a friend about our Agency.  Maybe we can help save them some money on their insurance and help a good cause in the process…don’t forget, we’ll send you a $10 gift card for the referral!

Check out this month’s free night out raffle winner.  If clicking on the picture above doesn’t take you to the video, here’s the link: .  Remember, everytime you refer a friend or family member to my Agency, I’ll send you a $10 gift card, whether they purchase insurance from us or not, AND enter your name into our Monthly Free Night Out Raffle.

July’s Insurance Topic:
Christine and I were recently coming back from a concert in Syracuse late at night and were talking about the dangers driving at night.  We were driving on a back road that wasn’t well lit and we saw plenty of deer…luckily waiting to cross the road.  I wished I had taken a few minutes before we left to clean not only the outside of the windshield, but the inside as well.  Check out our blog for more tips for driving at night.
Drive Safe,
Rhett VanScoter, CIC, CPA
Phone/Text: 585-663-2004