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Is Your Business Property Covered Away From Your Location?


If you set up a table or tent at an event to sell/display your products, is your Business Property covered while it is away from the insured location listed on your policy?

What about your laptop that you take back and forth to work and out on appointments with you, is that covered away from your office?

Business Insurance Policies are different than Homeowner’s policies. Homeowner’s Insurance Policies cover your belongings anywhere in the world. While Business Insurance Policies only cover your property within 1500 feet of your insured location. BUT there are some extensions of coverage that provide you with some coverage.

The extensions of coverage that I reference are only pertaining to Erie Insurance’s Erie Secure Business, Ultrapack Plus, and Ultraflex Policies. If you have a Business Insurance Policy with another Insurance Company, you will want to verify with them if coverage applies for you.

Erie’s Extension of coverage provides $25,000 of Business Property coverage at temporary locations that you do not own, lease or operate for no longer than 60 days. If you plan on occupying the space for longer than 60 days, you’d want to list that as an additional location on your Business Insurance Policy.

$25,000 is a good amount of insurance to cover you while at a tradeshow or event, but what about that laptop computer?

Erie’s policies provide $10,000 of coverage for Laptop Computers Off-Premises. They provide coverage while they are in transit, temporarily at your home or at premises you do not own, lease, or occupy.

This is nice if you have a laptop that you take back and forth to your office or out to appointments with you or travel with.

I hope you found this tip helpful, if you have questions or would like us to review your insurance and provide you with a no-obligation quote, give us a call 585-663-2004.