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Would Your House Pass an Insurance Home Inspection?

Sometimes people are surprised that the insurance company will send someone out to inspect their home. Insurance Companies are putting a lot of money at risk by insuring your property, not just for any damage that can happen to the structure of the home, but also any liability claims that may arise.

The Insurance Company is there to pay claims and help you get your home restored to its pre-damaged condition, but they are ultimately in business to make money. They want to reduce chance of paying a claim by performing an inspection of the home to verify that it is in good condition.

The majority of Insurance Home Inspections are exterior only, but we’ve seen an uptick in Insurance Companies requiring interior and exterior inspections. Before it was just if you had a high value home would they require an interior inspection, but with an increase in homeowner’s claims, Insurance Companies want to make sure that the interior of the home is as well maintained as the outside.  If you have their app you can even complete it virtually with them to make the process easier.

So, what are the some of the big things the Insurance Companies are looking for?


  • Roof condition – any worn or curling shingles? Missing Shingles? Is there moss on the roof? Are there any thick branches overhanging or touching the roof?
  • Gutters and downspouts – Are they where they should be and connected properly?
  • Is there pealing or flaking paint?
  • If you have stairs that are 3 steps or more, is there a handrail?
  • Is the yard well maintained? Any debris/junk in the yard?
  • Is there a pool? Is it properly secured?
  • Are walkways in good condition?


  • Electrical – has the electrical been upgraded? No knob and tube wiring.
  • Is the furnace less than 25 years old and in good condition?
  • Is there adequate space around the furnace, hot water heater and fireplace?

We try to inspect all our client’s homes prior to insuring them, to avoid any surprises after the Insurance Company Inspection. If you are in the market to look for new Homeowner’s Insurance, I recommend that you take a walk around your home and do an honest assessment of its condition. If there’s anything that needs improvement, you should complete it prior to signing up with a new Insurance Company.