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Can I Drive My Deceased Parent’s Car?


As with the majority of these what if scenarios, my answer is maybe! I would advise against it unless you have permission from the executor of the estate, and you have added yourself as a driver to your parent’s Auto Insurance.

Even with permission and being added as a driver, I would not make it your daily driver. I would only drive it on an as needed basis to change its storage location or perform duties related to the estate.

By driving the vehicle you diminish the value of the vehicle by putting on extra miles and risk being in an accident, prior to the estate being settled. That can be an issue especially if there is loan on the vehicle that needs to be satisfied.

Worst, if you don’t get added as driver to the policy and are in an accident…the claim may not be covered. Yikes! Not only would have diminished the value of the vehicle to potentially $0, but depending on who is at-fault for the accident you may have opened yourself and the estate up to potential liability.

I hope you found this helpful. If you have an insurance question or would like us to review your Auto, Home or Business Insurance, give us call 585-663-2004.