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Do You Know About MOPS?

A Need For Speed!
Andrea, Marianne and I went go-cart racing this month at RPM Raceway for a fun team activity.  Those go-carts fly!  If you have a need for speed, head over to RPM Raceway at Marketplace Mall, it was a lot of fun and we went to Dave and Busters after for dinner.  Don’t take our podium positions literally, they wouldn’t let me stand on the top because I’m already much taller than them 🙂
May Charity
We donated $160 to K-9 Orphans, Inc for the month of May.  K-9 Orphans is a non-profit all breed canine rescue that works with high kill shelters, homeless dogs, and owner surrender dogs to prevent euthanasia.  If you would like to make a donation or get involved with K-9 Orphans check out their website.

Lakeshore MOPS is our charity for June.  MOPS stands for Mothers Of PreSchoolers.  MOPS provides encouraging relationships, practical help, and emotional support during what can be an isolating and challenging time of motherhood.  We will be donating $5 for every person that calls and completes a quote with our Agency.  We’ve donated $720 to 4 other charities so far this year.  Help keep our donations climbing and tell a friend about our Agency.  Maybe we can help save them some money on their insurance and help a good cause in the process…don’t forget, we’ll send you a $10 gift card for the referral!

Check out this month’s free night out raffle winner.  If clicking on the picture above doesn’t take you to the video, here’s the link:  Remember, everytime you refer a friend or family member to my Agency, I’ll send you a $10 gift card, whether they purchase insurance from us or not, AND enter your name into our Monthly Free Night Out Raffle.

June’s Insurance Topic:
A little known benefit of life insurance polices is the Accelerated Death Benefit clause.  This clause allows the insured to collect the death benefit before he/she passes away if you are terminally ill.  Even though you have a terminal illness, your life expectancy can still be 1-2 years.  Being able to collect on your life insurance early may allow you to live more comfortably in your final days.  You are able to use the life insurance benefit however you like, so you might want to use the money to take a final family vacation.  Check out our blogfor more information on this benefit.
Drive Safe,
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