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Even Your Insurance Agent has bad luck sometimes


Yes, even I can’t avoid the occasional bad luck.  My goal was to get up early today, to get a jump on my Friday before the long weekend, but as I was going downstairs to exercise in the morning, I heard a dripping in my dining room…we don’t have a faucet in our dining room.  It turned out that our supply line to our toilet was leaking and left a nice puddle in my dining room table.  Luckily the plumber was able to get to us quickly and I just have some drywall work to do this weekend.  The joy of being a homeowner!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your summer, we certainly did.  We caught a Red Wings game in August on a fireworks night, which is always fun.  We took a day trip to Niagara Falls and explored the American side of the falls, which turned out to be better than I expected.  It was wicked windy, so the Maid of the Mist turned out to be a hurricane for us.  The Agency went to the Food Truck Rodeo at the Public Market.

Red Wings Game  Maid of the Mist  Food Truck Rodeo  

Now for our monthly free night out raffle.  Remember, if you want to be next month’s winner, all you have to do is refer a friend or family member to my Agency, and I’ll send you a $10 gift card AND enter your name into my free night out raffle drum, whether they purchase insurance from us or not.  Your name stays in the drum until it’s drawn, so your chances are good.  Click on the picture below find out this month’s winner or cut and paste this link into your web browser:  

Drive Safe,

Rhett VanScoter, CIC, CPA
Independent Agent/Owner