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File A Windshield Claim on Erie’s Mobile App

Windshield Crack

I always like it when I’m able to put myself in the shoes of my customers to test your experience. We have a window crack on one of our vehicles and before I turned it over to Sharon to set up the claim for me, I decided to place the claim through Erie’s app myself to see how easy it is.

Man was it easy! I timed myself to see how long it took me to file the claim and schedule an appointment, and it was under 5 minutes. Now, I did already have the Erie Insurance App on my phone and an online account setup, so that did help with the ease of filing the claim. But it was still extremely easy.

I opened the app, scrolled to the bottom and selected file a windshield claim. You select the vehicle that needs the repair, and the app automatically verifies that you have coverage and determines if you are eligible for a mobile repair or if you have to take it to a shop. You can use any repair shop that you prefer, but opted to use Safelite Solutions so I could schedule an appointment right on the app. Plus, we’ve had good experience with them.

We need to have our repair done at a shop because they need to recalibrate our cameras after the windshield is replaced. The app prefilled my home zip code and found the closest shop for me and gave me the days and times that were available. You could change the zip code to your work or another address if it’s more convenient for you than your home address. I made my selection, confirmed the information and I was done!

I immediately received a text and email confirming my appointment.

Erie’s App even reminded me that when you have your windshield replaced with Erie they replace your windshield wipers at no charge. That’s a nice perk.

I hope you found this helpful. If you haven’t already, download Erie’s app onto your phone and setup an online account. This will make it more convenient for you down the road.