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We went straight from winter to summer, at least that’s how it felt for me.  April was a blur for us.  Ryan Gary was born on his due date 3/29 at 6am (I already appreciate his punctuality).  The winner of the baby pool was my good friend Chris Abate.  He was the only person to pick the actual due date and male.  Chris elected for his $25 donation to go to the Open Door Mission.  

Christine and Ryan are doing great.  Luckily Ryan has a pretty easy going demeanor, since his siblings always seem to be loud when he’s sleeping and overly rough with him.  

Kaci started lacrosse in April and I’m helping coach her team again.  It will definitely be another character building year for them, but we saw a drastic improvement after their first game.  I’m also helping coach Jack’s t-ball team.  This is the first year for T-ball for Jack and I told Christine, that I think that I’m more excited for t-ball than Jack is. 

 Ryan Gary   Kaci Lacrosse   Jack t-ball   Riley

Tonight, Thursday 5/3 at 6:30 at the Greece Ridge Mall in the new wing with the restaurants is the Greece Youth Hall of Fame Ceremony.  If you want to meet some great kids and hear their amazing stories feel free to stop by tonight.  This event is one of the highlights of my year.

Saturday June 2nd at 8am-12pm at the Greece Ridge Mall in front of Macy’s is the Camp Haccamo Annual Auto/Truck/Cycle Show, that is supported by the Greece Rotary.  This is a fun event that helps raise money to support the campers that attend Camp Haccamo in the summer.  There will be music, food and cars.  You can participate by entering your vehicle to show, sponsoring the event, or just showing up to enjoy the entertainment.  If you’d like to sign up to show your vehicle or be a sponsor go to

Now time for the monthly free night out raffle.  Remember, if you want to be next month’s raffle winner, all you need to do is refer a friend or family member to my Agency.  I’ll send you a $10 gift card, whether or not they purchase insurance from us AND I’ll enter you name into our monthly free night out raffle drum.  You name stays in until it’s draw, so your chances are good.  You can see this month’s raffle winner at:  

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