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March’s FREE Night Out Raffle

Friend –

March was a big month for Jack.  He has his first loose tooth and competed in Master Kim’s Super Cup Tae Kwon Do tournament.  Jack was nervous about sparring in the Super Cup because he was afraid that his tooth was going to get knocked out…but he competed and did great.  Jack is super excited to lose a tooth and be a big kid, but a little worried it might hurt.  Kaci comforted him and reminded him that there is money involved, Ha!

Jack SupercupJack Loose Tooth

We had a crazy month in March with the wind and snow storms back to back.  We have been following up with everyone that has had claims to make sure that the process is moving along for them.  It takes a little extra patience when you have a claim during a time when there is such a large volume of claims.  We’ve found that the insurance companies did a great job bringing in extra help to make sure all of their clients were taken care of in a timely fashion.  I’ve spoken to a number of clients that have already received checks and had their damage repaired!  If you ever run into an issue on a claim, don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help.

Now for the fun stuff…check out this month’s free night out raffle video:

Remember, if you want to be next month’s free night out raffle winner, all you have to do is refer a friend or family member to my Agency.  Every time someone calls and says that they were referred by you, I’ll send you a free pizza gift card, whether they purchase insurance from us or not, AND enter your name into my monthly free night out raffle ($25 restaurant gift card and $25 movie gift card).  Your name stays in our raffle drum until it’s drawn, so your chances are good!

Drive Safe,

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