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You Don’t Need To Pay For This

Is The Entire Cost Of Your Windshield Replacement Covered?
Your windshield is an important safety feature of your car. Insurance Companies want to make it easy for people to repair/replace their windshield if it is damaged, so they offer an option for a $0 deductible for glass claims if you carry Comprehensive Coverage on your vehicle. The $0 deductible option is selected/offered so often, that people assume it’s a standard coverage.
Having a $0 deductible you’d assume that you wouldn’t have to pay anything out of pocket when you get your windshield repaired/replaced, which is true…BUT when the glass repair shop replaces your windshield, they are going to recommend that you replace your windshield wipers. They don’t want the old ones to damage the new windshield.
Normally you would have to pay out of pocket for the windshield wipers. They would not be a covered cost, but Erie Insurance covers the cost of the new windshield wipers when you have your windshield replaced.
Erie Insurance provides extra coverages in their insurance policies in an effort to be “Above All In Service”. Covering the cost of new windshield wipers is one of those extra coverages.
Erie also wants to make is easier for you to file a glass claim. If you carry Comprehensive coverage on your car, you can submit a glass claim directly from the Erie mobile app.
You will need an online account to use Erie’s mobile app. Here’s a short video (1:40) showing the steps to setup an online account.