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Do You Know About MOPS?

A Need For Speed! Andrea, Marianne and I went go-cart racing this month at RPM Raceway for a fun team activity.  Those go-carts fly!  If you have a need for speed, head over to RPM Raceway at Marketplace Mall, it was a lot of fun and we went to Dave and Busters after for dinner.  Don't take our podium positions literally, they wouldn't let me... Read Article

June FREE Night Out Raffle Winner

Welcome summer!  The kids are out of school and they are already enjoying their summer break.  Jack finished up a fun season of T-ball and wants to go to a baseball camp this summer.  Kaci went the Nazareth girls lacrosse camp, her first week of break and had a great time.  Riley has been hitting up all of the area playgrounds with Christine.  Ryan is... Read Article

March & April FREE Night Out Raffle Email

Greetings!   We went straight from winter to summer, at least that's how it felt for me.  April was a blur for us.  Ryan Gary was born on his due date 3/29 at 6am (I already appreciate his punctuality).  The winner of the baby pool was my good friend Chris Abate.  He was the only person to pick the actual due date and male.  Chris elected... Read Article

Baby Scooter Baby Pool #4...And Final!

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